2022 Spring Scramble! Sign Ups & Introduction ($100 PrizePool and VGC PS Room Role)

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Hello everyone!

To continue the years long tradition, we will be hosting another Scramble!. We are continuing our partnership with Smogon VGC in order to try and expand the player base as well as offer the most seamless tournament process possible. Thank you so much to zee and yuki for working with me to make this happen!

So we have a couple of things to look over before the tournament starts.

What is a Scramble?
Players are split into 4 groups, otherwise known as Flights (similar to Pools which are sometimes used in Smash Bros tournaments). Within these Flights, you will have two weeks to play best-of-3 VGC 2022 matches with as many people within your flight as possible. The top players from each Flight will advance to an elimination bracket (the amount of players per Flight that advance are based on how many signups we have, and will be announced at a later date.)
The Head TO (Tournament Organizer) is Nicholas Borghi, known as Borghi on Smogon and in the Discord server. Other people who will be helping out include zee, Owen (EclipseOwl), Aldrich (AldrichYan), yuki and potentially more!

We will be using the Smogon VGC Discord for this event. Channels for your Flight will be there, so please make sure you are in the server. Once Flights have been assigned, you will be assigned a role corresponding to your assigned Flight.

You can join the Discord Server here.

This tournament will count for points towards the Smogon VGC Invitational!
1st - 200 CP
2nd - 160 CP
3rd - 130 CP
4th - 110 CP
5th-6th - 100 CP
7th-8th - 90 CP
9th-12th - 80 CP
13th-16th - 70 CP
17th-24th - 65 CP
25th-28th - 60 CP
Thanks to DaWoblefet, Zee and the rest of the VGC Room Staff, the winner of the 2022 Spring Scramble! will be awarded the Prize Winner (^) Role in the Pokemon Showdown VGC Room

What is a Flight?
A Flight is a subsection of the entire field of entrants into a given tournament. There will be four Flights, each will send their top players into an elimination bracket. The four Flights are as follows: Diamond Flight, Jade Flight, Pearl Flight & Platinum Flight.
Once Signups have ended, you will be assigned your Flight at random. You will be notified of your Flight once they are posted here, on Smogon Forums. Once assigned the role for your Flight within the Discord server, you will gain access to that Flight's general chat.
Once you have access to this channel, feel free to schedule and talk as much as you want in order to get games done. You will have two weeks to play as many games as possible.

Tournament Rules
The default platform will be Pokemon Showdown. Players have the option to play on their Switch using their Pokemon Sword and Shield carts if both players agree to do so. Do not try to force your opponent into playing on cart if they do not feel like it. If requested, any of the TOs who are online at the time may request to view the match being played. If you do not comply, penalties may be incurred. If anyone else wishes to watch your set, you must ask your opponent for permission. Only if your opponent agrees, will you be allowed to invite someone else to watch.
Your own Internet connection is your responsibility as a player.

Timer is allowed to be turned on immediately by either player for any reason. If the player who set the timer disconnects, and they then lose due to a time out, it is on the fault of the disconnecting player. If the player who does not disconnect has set the timer, they MUST turn off the timer until a TO can be alerted to the situation.
We will be using Series 12 for this event. You can see the Series 12 rules here.

All games played in this tournament will be in the format of a Best of 3. If you refuse to complete a Best of 3, or are found trying to coerce your opponent into playing anything more or less, you will be given penalties. If requested, any of the TOs who are online at the time may request to view the match being played. If you do not comply, penalties may be incurred. No, you cannot play a person more than once.

You must open all 3 games of the best of three at the start of the set. If a player refuses to do so, please alert a TO. If a player has Timer automatically set to start, and does not turn it off while opening all three games, the game in which timer was not turned off will be voided. Please alert a TO and do not play the game.

During the Flights period, there is no Team Lock. You are free to change teams between sets as many times as you want. You are not permitted to change anything about your team between games of a set without express permission from both your opponent and a TO. If you are found changing your team in any way, you will be given penalties.

For the sake of competitive integrity, intentionally throwing (scooping, forfeiting without real play etc.) is completely prohibited. We want this to be a fully competitive tournament, and people shouldn't be given free wins which could potentially influence the standings. If you are found to be doing this, you will be warned on the first incident and completely disqualified henceforth. If you are found to be asking people to concede to you to make top cut, the same punishments will be followed. Based on the severity of the incident, further punishments may apply.

Game Requirements and Scheduling
There is no minimum requirement of games to be played in the tournament, and you will not be immediately paired with any other users in the tournament. If you wish to advance, it is on you to seek out games from other users in your flight. You can do this in real time by using the discord channel for your respective flight in the Smogon VGC Discord, asking for games in the VGC Room on Pokemon Showdown from members in your flight, or arranging times in advance via Smogon Wall.

Please save every replay and every VOD of you playing a game. This can and will be used if a discrepancy arises around the result of a given game or set. If you cannot provide the replays of a game in question, you will be given a penalty in the form of an additional loss, and you will be asked to replay the set.

Replays do not have to be made available to the general public.

To report a result, you must post in your Flight's respective forum thread. Please only make a single post and update it when you have new results. When results are input into the spreadsheet, your post will be edited with the result crossed out.

Do not post anything else in your Flight's Smogon thread. This will be repeated when the Flights go live. Too many unnecessary posts in your Flight's thread may result in a penalty.

Top Cut
The Top X players from each Flight will move on to an elimination bracket Top Cut. The size of the Top Cut (and thus, how many players advance from each Flight) will be decided after signups have concluded.
For the Top Cut, you will have to lock in a single team for every round of the Top Cut. They will be submitted through a Google Form, with the names of the 6 Pokemon you are using and either a cyrptobin or a pokepaste of the showdown exportable of the team. If you submit a cryptobin, save the password. If an issue should arise and an opponent asks for a team check, you will be asked to provide the password in order for a TO to verify your team. If you are unable to provide a password, you will be disqualified.

After Flights have concluded, there will be a poll amongst those in the Top Cut to decide if they want to have Open Team Sheets for Top Cut. This will include everything about the Pokemon with the exemption of Natures and Stats.

Each Flight will have both their own Results page, as well as their own Standings page. The Standings page is programmed to automatically update as new results are entered into the table on the Results page. If there is ever a discrepancy between the Results page and the Standings page, please let a TO know immediately. The Spreadsheet is not yet live.
For each win you are awarded, you will receive 10 points. For each loss, you will be deducted 12 points. So for example, if you have a record of 6 wins and 5 losses (6-5), you would have 0 Match Points from match results.
Bonus points are used to incentivize players to play against other competitors who are performing well, rather than just pick off wins from players performing poorly. For every win, someone you beat has, you will receive a half (.5) Bonus Point. So if you have a record of 1 win and 0 losses (1-0) and your win was against a player with 6 wins, you would receive three (3) Bonus Points. The better players you beat, the faster you can rack up a large amount of points. This also includes future games. So if you win against someone and they are 0-1, but they end 12-1, you get all 6 points. The Standings will update as they gain each win, so you can track your progress.
Standings are decided by a combined total of both Match Points as well as Bonus Points. You will be able to see your current standing as results are entered in by looking at your Flights Standings page. The Top X players from your Flight will move on to the Top Cut bracket, with the 1st seed in your Flight receiving a Round 1 Bye.
You will be able to see your overall tournament standings on the Overall Standings page. This will constantly update and show you the seeding you have for the current tournament and where you would be in the Top Cut bracket should you make it.

The Overall Standings are shown by Flight Standings and not individual points. Ex. You are 8th place in Diamond Flight with 89 points. 6th place in Jade Flight has 67 points. Just because you have more points than the player in Jade Flight, does not mean you will be advancing to the Top Cut.

Code of Conduct and Banned Players
We will be using the Smogon VGC Forum Rules as well as the Smogon Tournament Rules

  • Pakosss777
  • Sogeking
  • Showdown user Absideon/Not Jamie
  • Showdown user Gonsser
  • Anyone designated as a Tournament Banned Player by Smogon VGC

To sign up, just post in this thread, nothing else.
Sign ups will close on Sunday May 1st at 11:59pm GMT+0
I would like in please!
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